The Line

Andrew McLain – Years ago, Andrew McLain was fresh out of high school and working in the industrial supply business as a delivery driver, listening to Superstation 101 WYDE every day. With childhood dreams of being on the radio, Andrew moved to Anniston, Alabama looking for better job opportunities. He stumbled upon a privately owned AM station looking for an internship. After two months of learning the ropes, he landed a full time job as the host of the swap shop and a weekly sports show. That later led him to earning the title of Sports Director and his own political talk show. After almost 3 years in the eastern Anniston, Andrew earned the opportunity to bring his skill set to WYDE and is now host of “The Line”.

Jessica Borklund – When Jessica Borklund became a single mother of two, she was desperate to find a job she could turn into a career. More than four years ago, she was hired at Crawford Broadcasting System as a part-time receptionist, but worked hard and proved she was eager to learn. “The people at Crawford are the reason I’ve been able to make something of myself,” she says. “They allowed me to explore my talents and gave me countless opportunities to try new things and see where I fit in.”

Although she had no previous radio experience, she began running the sound board on Saturdays to learn the ropes. From there she produced a show to her host position today on The Line with Jessica Borklund and Andrew McLain. “Andrew truly is one of my best friends and our chemistry on the air is 100 percent authentic,” Jessica says. “For me, the show is like spending three hours with my best friend—there just happens to be thousands of people listening in.”

Born and raised in Hoover, Ala., Jessica has a son, Landen, 15, and McKaylee, 11. Jessica enjoyed spending time with her fiancée and his two children, watching her son play baseball and her daughter at gymnastics. After her daughter’s diagnosis with terminal brain cancer as a baby, Jessica truly cherishes every moment they get to spend together as a family. “We were told she wouldn’t survive to celebrate her fifth birthday, yet she will be 11 this summer,” Jessica says. “The magnitude of trauma, fear and pain we’ve had to walk through has made us all realize how precious life is and has cemented our faith in Christ, as He is the only reason she’s still with us.”

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