The News Hour With Gina Redmond

 Although she was born and raised in Philadelphia, News Anchor Gina Redmond was surprised at how quickly she fell in love with Birmingham when she moved here more than a decade ago. “Alabama is the first place I’ve come to where I thought I could retire here,” she says. “I love the people, the beaches, the pace of life.”

Gina began her career in radio, so returning to the air waves is a bit like coming home after a long absence. “I had forgotten how much I love radio,” she explains. “The ability to create a show like mine is such a blessing and is why I got into news in the first place. I haven’t felt this rush of excitement since my first job in television 25 years ago.”

 Over that quarter century career, Gina worked for television stations in Altoona, Penn., Pittsburgh, Dallas and Birmingham, most recently on WVTM 13 and WIAT CBS 42. Originally brought to Birmingham to co-anchor the morning show with Jim Dunaway on WVTM 13, the time slot was perfect for the young mother who was homeschooling her two children, Whitney and Ivan. She went on to anchor the evening newscast on WVTM as well. In 2010, Gina and her husband Calvin were surprised by the addition of their youngest daughter Ava, now 6. Gina left television for a while to be at home with her new baby and then returned to work at CBS WIAT doing the morning show there.

As the host of The News Hour from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on WYDE 101.1 The Source, Gina enjoys compiling news stories that are compelling, current and trending. Her day begins early as the first news of the day breaks and she spends all day gathering up the news that will affect people’s lives and that they will be talking about. “My goal is to provide an hour packed full of news for our listeners that they might have missed during the day,” she says. “And I’m also looking forward to producing some local news stories of my own as well.”

In her spare time, Gina loves to troll the aisles of any bookstore or library and add to her growing home library. She will even admit that her guilty pleasure is reading People magazine, something she can’t resist. On the other hand, Gina loves hiking outdoors and every type of fishing, from freshwater to deep sea fishing. “I’m the son my dad didn’t have,” she says with a laugh.

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